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Places of Power

The series is permeated with symbols of connection: the wreath of tree branches, the branching of mountain streams, the combined partitions of rice fields. The idea of ​​the reflection of eternity in each particular moment, the relationship between the fate of the individual and the universe is clear. Metaphors, generally inherent to the works of Oleksii Koval, also acquire large-scale in the "Places of Power" cycle. Oleksii transfers the "places of power" he has seen and experienced on his panels, trying to hold on and reinforce their energetic influence, in order to give the spectator the joy of feeling himself a part of something greater — humanity, space, eternity.



Enamel, copper, 92x184cm, 2019

Ніч.Гімалаї (1)(1).jpg

Magic Night.

Enamel, copper, 2018

Terraces. Reflection

99x150cm, enamel, copper, 2018

Golden river

117x107cm, enamel, copper, 2018

Golden river. Fragment.

Patterins of the sky

101x150cm, enamel, copper, 2018

Patterins of the sky. Fragment.

Заголовок 1

Terraces. Peaceful

98x150cm, enamel, copper, 2017

Strawberry trees

98x127cm, enamel, copper, 2017

Terraces. Peaceful. Fragment.

Strawberry trees

98x110cm, enamel, copper, 2017

Strawberry trees. Fragment

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