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Ukrainian portraits

I started this range in 2014 and continue now. Inspired by my native land and culture, I created the series of Ukrainian portraits and ornaments. The range includes nine works demonstrating the beauty and richness of Ukrainian personality, culture and tradition.  Ukrainian wedding portraits about two young people who are standing in front of their new life, creating a family. I worked with this diptych from 2014 to 2015 looking for the most expressive and characteristic forms and colors.


Bread and flowers . Diptych. 72x75cm, enamel, copper, 2018


Bread and flowers . Diptych. 72x75cm, enamel, copper, 2018


Portrait with dukach  43x43cm, enamel, copper, 2018

Заголовок 1

Woman in pearls. 60x90cm, enamel, copper, 2015

Woman in ducats. 46x88cm, enamel, copper, 2016

Woman in ducats (fragment)

Darynka. 84x47cm, enamel, copper, 2015

The girl with the hen. 88x46cm, enamel, copper, 2016

Destiny. 144x120cm, enamel, copper, 2015

Ukrainian wedding portraits, Diptych. 67x80cm,

enamel, copper, 2015

1916. 74x86cm, enamel, copper, 2016

1916 (fragment)


Meeting (fragment). 131x40cm, enamel, copper, 2015

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