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Oleksii Koval - Modern Artist
+38 068 239 85 48 WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram,

I was born on October 16th, 1977, in Kiev, Ukraine. I was addicted to art from my school years. In 1996 I graduated from Republican School of Art by Taras Shevchenko (painting class) and continued my education in National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, painting faculty (V. Zabashta`s workshop) which I graduated in 2002. Beginning from 2000 I work in monumental art sphere, created approximately 100 pieces of art in Ukraine and abroad, these are frescoes, mosaics, ornaments, drafts of stained-glass windows. Coworked with Ukrainian and foreign architects, in particular with S. Mirgorodskiy, U. Ostapenko, V. Zavgorodneva, K. Lubek, M. Bizatti.

For a long time I was looking for the most appropriate technique which would help me to bring to life my ideas and harmonize with my affection. Destiny

brought me to the hot enamel workshop of Ivan Kyrychenko in 2006. I immediately realized that this was what I was meant to do and continued

investigating hot enamel methods till 2009 in private workshops in China, India and the EU.

Every day and every moment we face many holistic words - countries, nature and its elements, humans or drops of water with their micro and macro cosmoses. These words are interesting and impressive.


I open these words for myself and tell about them by the language of my own visual images using my favorite technique.

From 2009 I productively worked in hot enamel technique using different materials: silver, copper, bronze and gems. Inspired by different themes I create series of works united by common ideas and at this moment my collection of enamels counts about eighty pieces.


1990 - 1996

Republican School of Art by Taras Shevchenko

1996 - 2002


National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture


2022 - Archivio Enamel Museum. Ponte San Pietro. Lombardia. Italy.

2022 -  Public speaking at Enamelist Society Conference. Catlinburg. T.N. USA.

2022 - Lecture and workshop. Urban Metal Studio, Ink., Mesa, AZ, USA



2022 - Ellington - White contemporary art gallery. Fayetteville. N.C. USA

2021 - 2022 -  "Language of enamel. Dialogs wuth citizens of Kyiv.", National museum of Ukrainian decorative Art, Kyiv.

Triptych Art Gallery, Kyiv 

2021 - "Islands of dream",

Triptych Art Gallery, Kyiv 

2020 - "From the past to the present", Ukrainian Museum, Cleveland, USA

2020 - "Summer walk" gallery Gardens of Victory, Odesa, Ukraine

2019-2020 – “Live earth”, gallery “Portal 11”, Kyiv, Ukraine

2019-2020 – “From the past to the present”, Archive-Museum, Cleveland, USA

2019-2020  - “Language of enamel” , Gallery Beyoglu, Istanbul, Turkey

2019 – “Language of enamel”  National Conservation Area “Sophiia of  Kyiv”

2019 – “From the past to the present”, Museum of Architecture and Folkways of Ukraine “Pyrohiv”

2019 - “Language of enamel”  , Parlament of Ukraine, Kyiv

2019 - “Earth and Sky” ,  Green Sofa Gallery, Lviv

2019 – “Around”, Triptych Art Gallery, Kyiv 

2018        Ukrainian National Museum, Chicago, USA

2018        Museum of Art, Khmelnytskij

2018        Museum of Art, Chernivtsy

2018        Museum of Prikarpatya Art

2018        Museum of Art, Ternopil

2018        Tryptych Gallery, Kyiv


2017        KUMF gallery, Toronto, Canada

2017        Museum of Western and Oriental Art, Odessa

2017        National Art Museun, Lviv

2017        Green Sofa Gallery, Lviv

2017        Museum of Ukrainian Fine Art, Dnipro

2016        Tryptych Gallery, Kyiv

2016        Museum of Spiritual Treasure, Kyiv

2015        Sady Pobedy Gallery, Odesa

2015        Parsuna Gallery, Kyiv

2015        Green Sofa Gallery, Lviv


2021 - The III Tashkent International biennale of  applied arts. 
2020     PRINT. Ukrainian printed graphic art works XX-XXI . Mystetskiy Arsenal. Kyiv

2019 –   International Festival of  Enamel Art, Dnipro
2016        International Trienale of Graphics, Kyiv
2016        Internationaler Puppen Frühling, Munster

2015        International Trienale of Graphics, Kyiv

2013        Meditative Pokhara, Nepal

2012        Art symposium, Bulgaria
2012        Art symposiums, Croatia

2000       Landscapes of  Florence, Italy
2004        Congress of young artists, Ukraine

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